Inner Healing and Deliverance Handbook

Online Course

This online course includes nine sessions (90 minutes each) plus an optional bonus session that coincides with Jennifer’s newest book the Inner Healing and Deliverance Handbook. 

This course serves as a great addition to your healing plan and provides plenty of teaching to help you work through the session topics. 

Each session begins with anointed worship from our Harvest Church in Turlock worship team and followed by a pre-recorded 30 - 45 minute teaching  from Jennifer Eivaz.

*Also includes: 

LIVE Q&A replays for each session 

Bonus Coaching session replays


 *Book not included - to order the Inner Healing and Deliverance Handbook (Paperback) click here:


Session Topics:

* Do You Want to Be Made Whole?

* Dead Hearts Really Do Come Back to Life

* Hearts of Stone

* When You Hate Someone

* Traumatized and Shattered

* Deliverance from Cults and Occult Practices

* Healing the Jezebel-Afflicted Soul

* Freedom from Shame

* Defeating the Spirit of Fear

Optional add-on Bonus Topic:

* Healing from Satanic Ritual Abuse (to be purchased separately)  

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One -Time Payment