Keys for Supernatural Finances

Are you frustrated or afraid about your personal finances? Have you tried to break financial barriers without success?

Here are some facts:

• God is our provider. He is our  source. – Gen. 22:14

• He gives us power and ability to make wealth. – Deut. 8:18

• God has a sure prescription for provision.

• We are destined to steward not just wealth, but great wealth, on the   earth.

Your provision is surprisingly supernatural! When you learn these keys, you will finally experience the increase in personal wealth that God has promised you.

Session Topics:

Session 1 - Your Emotional Temperature About Wealth

Session 2 - The Power of Tithing

Session 3 - Breaking the Power of Mammon

Session 4 - Waging War with Your Offerings

Session 5 - Supernatural Financial Increase

Session 6 - Live Q&A

Price USD

Course is non refundable